It Begins

Hey there! Welcome to Gearheart Games! Today marks the start of a long journey, and hopefully one you decide to join me on. I’m Nick, and I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember, and making my own for myself and my friends for just about as long. From video games to table top, I’ve enjoyed the hobby in its myriad of forms for years and it was high time I gave something back to everyone else out there. I want Geartheart Games to create products that entertain and give people stories to tell. Games that recreate that feeling of excitement from the climactic moments of your favorite stories.

While that is my hope for my games, I will try and keep on track with the help of this site. To that end, the site will update Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with content to help keep everything on track.

Mondays will be project and site updates. Get a first look at new art, writing, or announcements concerning current or future games being worked on. Site upgrades and overhauls may happen on Mondays, so while things are still somewhat in the garage band state, stay tuned for bigger and better things!

Wednesdays are blog days, with a focus on game design and mechanical musings. I’ll share my musings and thoughts on the mechanical side of design. How I use mechanics, what I like and dislike about certain mechanics, thoughts on the various ways to balance games, and any other “under the hood” talk.

And last but not least, Fridays will be podcast days, with a focus on the less crunchy and more social side of games. Everything from other games I’ve been playing, other people making cool things, and hopefully even some special guests.

I hope you’ll join me on this long and crazy journey, and hopefully at the end of it we’ll have some fun new games to play. Until next time!

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