Hey everyone, Nick here! Sorry things have been so slow. Updates will resume as normal next week, but for today I’d like to briefly discuss perhaps one of the most important bits of background history for Mu — the Age of Wizardry.

Tens of thousands of years before the current Age of Adventure that has settled on Mu, a great number of powerful wizards lived. Humans who had discovered the secrets to the powers the gods themselves wielded and styled themselves the rulers of the world. And for a time they were. This Age of Wizardry lasted for close on fifteen thousand years, but the human mind wasn’t meant to contain the gods’ power. It took only a couple hundred years for the minds of these nearly omnipotent individuals to degenerate into fevered obsession and neurosis. For the next several millennia they stayed locked in their own minds, controlled by whatever flight of fancy or stray compulsion made its way to the forefront of their thoughts.

Dungeons, artifacts, creatures, a veritable cornucopia of strange and dangerous creations they made over the years. The wizards went from the undisputed masters of Mu to distant, reclusive feudal lords in only a couple generations, but their experiments and creations changed the face of the world for thousands of years. As their minds slowly left them, so did their power and eventually, as their inevitable demise dawned on them, they sought to stash away what they had done. They would keep their precious inventions, pets, servants, and baubles to themselves – forever.

So they sealed away their creations. Their houses, laboratories, dungeons and factories were locked up, shifted outside of time and space, held inside the foam on the Sea of Possibilities that exists just beyond what mere mortals can comprehend. There, inside these pocket realities would their creations live in stasis, forever unchanging, forever outside the reach of the rabble and diminutive beings of Mu who could never understand them. Or so they thought.

Finally, insanity consumed their minds and bodies. All that they were, all they thought they would ever be, eroded by the very powers they were certain would keep them as gods for all time. Such was their hubris and trespass on the fabric of reality, that as their lights extinguished all memory of who they were was scrubbed from the universe itself. No one remembers their names, faces, personalities, or motivations. All that remains are the scars of their inventions. Inventions that they hoped would remain locked away forever.

But as with any living being, foreign bodies illicit an immune response. Mu has been slowly working to unravel the locks and seals on these magical splinters that have been wedged into it, in the hopes that the creatures upon its surface could clean out these infections. During the Age of Quiet that preceded the current Age of Adventure, a small handful of these dungeons were unlocked and opened; aired out purged by the early predecessor of the modern adventurer. At the dawn of the current Age however, the flood gates have been opened and that which was locked away has surged back into the world.

The Age of Wizardry was a strange, unknowable time that created things that can make perfect sense or no sense at all. When designing dungeons from the Age of Wizardry the themes of obsession, master craftsmanship, and rampant creativity should be at the forefront. Physics, biology, and even the fabric of time and space take a back seat to the uncontained creativity the wizards of old drowned themselves in.