Mu: Age of Adventure — A look at the mim!

Hey everyone, Nick here again! Back to Mondays as usual, this time with a look at one of the four playable species in Mu — the Mim.

mim_guy_websiteSmall in stature and almost resembling woolen haired dolls with large eyes, broad noses, and big fuzzy round ears, the mim are native to the temperate foothills and forested plains of the central northern continent. Their hair ranges from dark black to bright white, with a light greyish being the most common coloration. Most mim are somewhat pale in skin tone with darker noses, but very dark almost coal colored mim, while rare, do exist. Unlike humans, mim exhibit very little sexual dimorphism, with both the men and women being equal in size and stature. The women tend to have slightly rounder facial features and less curly hair, while the men have exceptionally thick and woollen curls.

Politically the mim are a small but motivated group who have seized some of the biggest opportunities in trade that have occurred in the last century on Mu. While many small independent “nations” exist on the fringes of mim territory, these are more often than not protectorates of the Central Mim Kingdom which holds court in the capital city of Frimble. It was the previous king, the illustrious Angbar VI, who used the influx of money and goods from the founding of Tradewind to transform the relatively small city into a cultural juggernaut.

For the past 50 years the city of Frimble has seen great leaps and bounds in the realms of the arts and philosophy. Angbar VI imported artisans, scholars, and all manner of cultural ambassadors in great droves to his city using the wealth he gained from his father’s trade options power play. Most notably was the elevation of the arts to a lofty status in the culture, which sired a complex and stratified social order in mim society that has taken strong root. Men are expected to study art, philosophy and science, and further the understanding of the culture. It then falls to women to perform the tasks seen as effete and unmanly – such as cooking, cleaning, fighting, and adventuring. The most manly of the arts is high fashion, with the current trend being one of of ostentation and elegance. The most famous designers, wig makers, and tailors all come from Frimble and their works fetch exorbitant prices the world over.

mim_gal_websiteIn the larger adventuring world however, they have become very popular recently among the other intelligent species for their unique brands of cultural magic that allow them to preserve food, purify drink, and repair cloth. A walking, talking, ship’s repair kit and refrigerator will always find employ on trade voyages and many have taken to vying for positions on the extremely well funded expedition voyages many of the current nations have been putting together. Not to mention the welcoming arms of those on the other side of the kings’ notes in this time of burgeoning piracy.

The most unusual thing however, combined with their strange appearance, is their proclivity for the magical arts. Mim mages and hedge wizards seem unnaturally gifted, and although theirs is a magic derived from culture and society, they show alarming attunement with any magical task put before them. Some anthropologists and archeologists have hypothesised the mim might be an engineered species, as they have yet to find any artifacts dating back before the age of wizardry, but that debate is currently ongoing in the halls of Mu academia.

And that’s a bit of an intro for the mim! Their size and appearance leads them to often be treated with kid gloves, much to their chagrin, but they are an important part of the Mu adventuring landscape!