Special Gearcast Episode: GenCon 2015!

Hey everyone! Back from our very first GenCon! Join myself and special guest Ian as we talk about the things we did, who we talked to, and what we learned! As well as what cool stuff we picked up. Stick around though, as Friday we’ll have another podcast up talking about our recently released beta rules for Mu: Age of Adventure! Shoutouts to a great number of people this week, be sure to check them all out in the show notes below!

Atlas Games
Tracy Barnett
Lynne Hardy
Bryan C.P. Steele
Rich Thomas
Shoshana Kessock
Keith Baker (personal website)
Andrew Peregrine
Gaming W/ Scott
Carpe GM
Play on Target
She’s a Super Geek
Role Playing Public Radio
One Shot
What the Grok
All Us Geeks
The RPG Academy
Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone
Golden Sky Stories
World of Dew
World Wide Wrestling
XCOM the board game
Tigris and Euphrates
Spark and the Enlightened Man
shock: social science fiction
Night Witches
Feng-Shui 2


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